How to teach kids safety in a positive way challenge

Teach your child safety in a positive way without scaring or overwhelming anyone - free live class for parents.

"How to teach kids safety in a positive way" 

Free online live class for parents of kids 3-10 years old

March 8-10, 2018

(FB lives + replay for the registered participants)

+ a free introductory mini-course

In a dangerous situation, do you want your kids to:

  • Remember what to do?
  • Develop their situation awareness and intuition (gut feeling) to avoid the consequences?
  • Learn an algorithm for getting out safely?

You are at the right place!

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+ Receive a mini-course on safety with strangers, conversations scripts, games and drills for teaching it in a positive way.

Help your child be safe!

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At the end of the course you will:

1. Know why in dangerous situation kids forget what you've taught them about safety and how to help them remember.

2. Have a clear plan on how to approach this topic.

3. Learn how to teach kids to recognize gut feelings and help develop intuition to danger.

4. Figure out a positive way to explain safety without scaring your child.

5. Teach your child a 3 step algorithm for getting out of danger safely.

In three days you will see a big picture of your child's safety better than for all prior years of raising your child.

Join this free class and go from fear to confidence!