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I am so excited you’re here because I know you are passionate about finding a natural approach to your health + self care ♥

I love building solutions to the "impossible" situations:


How to teach kids safety in a positive way?


How to help mamas build a business in alignment with their health, relationships, finances, and being WITH their kids?


I attract + influence entrepreneurial, smart, strong, kind, and positive women who are taking full responsibility for their health, finances, and relationships because I have shown through my own journey that THIS IS POSSIBLE.


If we met in person you would know that my life revolves around my family, sports, nature, and art.


Welcome to the world of exploration, discovery, adventure, creativity, and growth.

In my "before kids" life

I was a C-level executive building software companies ... It was fun and rewarding, but it did not fulfill me in a positive, feminine way.

My truth was in building a better world, creativity, and love for nature.

I've started a roller-coaster of raising my mission alongside with my kids.

I  read my full story here.


What I can do for you

Whenever I see a stressed, anxious, or just tired mama, I want to reach out and say "Hey, come on in. Let's talk."

Maybe sometimes you need this invitation too?


I inspire people to try new things, to explore and to see differently.

I have the tools to empower you to build a life by your design.


This can shift your life - if you allow it - either in health, emotions, spirit, finances or something else.

I will be honored to take you on a journey to show what's possible.

A sneak peak into my family life

Katherine Joy family life


My name is Katherine Joy, I’m a mother of 2, founder of Be WITH Kids, parenting + biz coach. I’m committed to showing up as my highest self for others through self-care, empowerment + personal development.  I am an example of and I'm guiding women to live beautiful, full + free lives in every way.

Why doTERRA wins hearts

doTERRA is the largest + most transparent essential oil company in the world with over 9 million customers.


Here’s why I chose doTERRA to support my family's health:


1. Transparency: DoTERRA is the only essential oil company that tells you what's in your oil (the constituents and the proportion - this is huge - because it defines the impact of your oil).

You can check the code on your doTERRA bottle on Source To You website to see the most recent 3rd party testing report.

I don't know any other company showing the reports of the tests of your particular bottle.

DoTERRA is the only giving me reliable and consistent results on a daily basis.


2. Commitment to purity through CPTG: There is no governing body overseeing the essential oil industry. So you never know what's in a bottle of "100% pure" frankincense selling for $7 in a grocery store. This is why doTERRA created the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade stamp of quality (CPTG) for having the highest quality, highest purity and most sustainably sourced essential oil in the world.

They source them from the cleanest locations where these plants thrive in their natural environment (never those growing alongside the highways or other polluted areas)

I like that each doTERRA oil goes through 54 different quality tests both in house and through the 3rd party lab APRC (Aromatic Plant Research Center).

I used to buy other oils online and in the stores and I tossed them all after switching to doTERRA - you WILL feel the difference once you get the results you need you will never want to go back.


3. Co-Impact sourcing: doTERRA sources globally working WITH the farmers to create a better economy in the rural and underdeveloped places like this: Source To You.


+ Integrity:

DoTERRA is a well balanced company built on positive and empowering feminine energy, where love and community values are rooted on all levels.

It shows in everything: from the products and services to the systems and relationships.

It's a wonderful company to partner with.


Essential oils basics guide

DoTERRA basics oils guide

Our team culture

The best part of buying DoTERRA is that oils are shared from person to person.

DoTERRA has created a super genuine (and in mind genius) multi-level marketing model where the more you HELP others the more abundance is created.

When you buy some product in a store your interactive experience ends there, but when you are part of a good doTERRA team, your experience starts here.

Being in the right community is key - you are not alone - people who solved a need like yours are ready to help.

If you decide to join me,

you will have immediate access to our global team resources + community!

We are excited to welcome you with:

✔️ Supernatural Recipe Guide - encyclopedia of DIYs for the home and personal care

✔️ Green Cleaning eBook - easy natural recipes for the sparkling clean house free of toxins

✔️ Essential 30 cleanse - my favorite program for gut health support (wonderful for the allergies and skin issues)

✔️ Healthy Habits program - a month-long program for better habits in your sleep, nutrition, exercise, and emotional regulation

✔️Essential oil magic school - 3-month email series matching essential oils with your needs

✔️Access to our private Essential Oil FB Community

✔️Access to our private Business Builder FB Group if this interests you

How will I know what oil to use?

Along with having these incredible oils at your fingertips, you’ll also want to have a resource guide that you can flip open every time you say,  “I wonder if I could use an oil for this?”

Through our email education series, we will guide you through your first 3 months of using your oils.

And we will link you up with some free + paid resources that you will love!

Starter kits

The best way to buy doTERRA is a membership that works just like Costco.

You open up your wholesale account by choosing a starter kit and then you will have your own 25% off discount to shop doTERRA for a full year whenever you want!


Here are the Top 4 starter kits:

 (Click the one you like or I can create you a custom kit)

Instructions on how to get started

👉 Click here


👉 Choose the starter kit you’re drawn to. You can add other items to your cart if you’d like and they will be at the 25% off the price


👉 Fill in your personal info


👉 Finalize your shipping and payment options.  Click ‘Process Order Now & Continue’ 


On the last screen, you’ll be given the option of creating a monthly customized order called Loyalty Rewards. This is a rewards program where you order your essential oils, supplements, and self-care products monthly,  they arrive in a box on your doorstep and you earn your shipping back and free product points each month through it! Here’s a short video that explains it if you’re interested in it.


DoTERRA LRP Loyalty Reward Program

Have a question?

I’d love to welcome you to our oil community! 

Please email me at hello [@] (remove the brackets) if I can answer any questions or help you get started


On a personal note

To save more, consider starting sooner even with the simplest kit you can afford.
LRP program builds you an extra 10-30 percent off over the time + access to the (generous) insider specials.
If you plan to build a business consider starting sooner.
It's easier than ever before with the tools to build your business online.
Enrolling with me you will be part of an amazing up-line with one of the founders of doTERRA - and all you need to build a business your way is prepared and waiting.
In today's world when most businesses were shaken, doTERRA is multiplying.
DoTERRA's most popular products sold out.
When the old world systems collapse - we are in charge of our health support.
Why I'm telling you this
If you met me in person you would know that I'm an empath, INFP, and a highly sensitive mom, who is sensing and taking into consideration a million things that others don't, so it makes me a good researcher.
If I recommend something, it's worth it.
DoTERRA products gained love and trust of millions and I'm sure you will never regret at least trying it.
You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Ready to start?

It all begins by purchasing a starter kit of oils.

Click below to go to the enrollment page.

Want to know more about how I use doTERRA?

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