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Parent: I don't need it now - I'm too busy.

Me: When you NEED this, it's too late.


"Teach Your Child Safety With Strangers" intro class

Free online course for parents of kids 3-10 years old

Do you want:

  • Your child to be safe with strangers and other people around him?
  • Learn safety skills in an easy, positive, and practical way?
  • Be confident and you worry less about him?

You are at the right place!

Join this free class and go from fear to confidence.

Hi, I'm Katy and I'm a parent just like you.

Why do I do this:

“I love my kids. I love to see them safe and happy.

I don't want to scary them, but to empower.

I want YOUR kids to be safe.

This course will help you teach safety the way kids remember, without scaring them”.

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Step by step plan for teaching your child safety with strangers

Step 1: Test your child's safety level

Check how safe is your child when you are not around.


Step 2: Teach your child safety with strangers

At this step we teach kids how to be safe communicating with strangers.

How to prevent trouble, how to recognize signals of danger, how to get out of most common situations related to people's unsafe behaviors.

Download a free check-list of rules kids need to know about safety with people.

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Step 3: Help your child stand up for his boundaries

A backbone of your child's confidence and ability to stand up for himself.

We help kids learn their values, rights and duties.

Kids recognize when their boundaries are crossed and how to respond (even when wearing pink on a boy's team).

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Step 4: Teach your child safety in a public place

One thing unties all parents - we hate it when our kids get lost.

This step is about what you can do before leaving the door to make sure if being separated in a public place, you can find each other quickly.

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Step 5: Teach your child ultimate safety

Here we make your child prepared for almost any safety situation.

We talk about Sexual safety, Internet, City skills, Getting help, Emergency plans, Household safety, Fire, Dangerous objects, Play-dates, First-aid, Water, Animals, Shooting, Public events, Crowd emergency, Natural disasters and many more.

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Free introductory mini-course