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You have a basic grasp of WHAT to teach your child about strangers. But there is


  • If the kids hear about safety on some random occasions only, they don't have a chance to build solid skills
  • When we teach them without a plan, we leave the kids helpless in front of many situations we have never thought of
  • When we talk theory without practicing, the kids do not take it seriously because that doesn't relate to their world

Kids forget things quickly …

  • To make it stick, many parents try to have the kids imagine what may happen if they don't follow the safety rules …
    • That scares the kids …
      • Which makes it even worse!

Because in a dangerous situation a scared child may freeze or panic!


HOW can we help kids REMEMBER what to do in a difficult situation?



An easy, positive method to help us teach safety regularly and seamlessly. It should be right for the kid's age. It should not add burden to our parenting life. And it must not scare our kids!



  • Kids need a lot of reinforcement
  • Parents need a plan
  • Kids need games and experiences to practice their safety skills to make them stick

Because they learn by playing and experiencing practical things!

That's how people learn to swim. Or to walk. Right?


Click the button below to see what you can do right away to protect your child for all their life.

"Well, instead of dreading teaching this subject, I am now looking forward to starting it."
Liz T. - mom

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