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Welcome to Be WITH Kids safety:

This project is about creating a safer world for our kids by shedding light and love onto the most avoided parenting topic.

We help kids be responsible and prepared by focusing on the system approach and teaching safety using positive and empowering experiences (as opposed to sweeping this topic under the rug pretending it doesn't exist, or worse, scaring kids).

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About me: 


I'm KATY SINDY, founder of Be WITH kids.

Just like you, I wear lots of different hats every day.

I’m a blogger, author, and product creator.

I'm a happy wife, a small business owner, a daughter, and a friend.


WHY did I start this project?

My two super-active boys inspired me for this training by crash-testing safety measures and asking challenging questions.

It took me and my husband 3 years working on this topic and now kids follow the safety rules - because they understand (not because they are scared).


How can I help you?

My mission here at Be WITH Kids is to help you get knowledge and confidence to overcome your fear and start teaching safety to your kids.

I can help you teach kids safety in a positive, practical way and make your parenting a little bit easier.

Our life became so easier, as can be yours!


What is the secret?

Most parents ask:

"How can I keep my kids stay safe when I am not around?"

"How can I explain these things and not scare them?"


The short answer:

With the help of games and experiences.


The long answer:

I created Be WITH Kids: Safety with Strangers training to share with you all the research, games, tips, and tricks we've learned.

My GOAL is to make sure YOUR kids can USE those skills if being in a dangerous situation.


If I can teach it, you can too - and it is easier than you think!


What parents say: “Well, instead of dreading teaching this subject, I am now looking forward to starting it.” – Liz, Mom


P.S. If you are wondering about my "before professional motherhood" carrier, I've built 15 years of success as a CEO of a software company, a business trainer, and an entrepreneur. Keep juggling … and being with kids : )


Enroll in a Free online course for parents of kids 3-10 years old

"Teach Your Child Safety With Strangers (and other people)"


Teach Your Child Safety with Strangers

Do you want:

  • Your child to be safe with strangers and other people around him?
  • Learn safety skills in an easy, positive, and practical way?
  • Be confident and you worry less about him?

Join this free class and go from fear to confidence.

Because when your child breaks a safety rule he didn’t know, it may be too late to teach the rule.

Don't wait until it's too late. Our kids are the most precious things we have - protect them.



Join other smart parents - download a Checklist of safety rules every child should know.


Be WITH Kids has a support community - join likeminded parents who care about safety.


Email will work too - insert the missing parts and send it to hello [] bewithkids [] com

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